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      Convicted pervert and slumlord Masaaki Imaeda is being sued for millions of dollars allegedly transferred to his companies after a fire engulfed his illegal shanty town almost killing 13 young backpackers.<br>Daily Mail Australia can exclusively reveal the Japanese property mogul – who was jailed for spying on tenants having sex via an elaborate secret camera network hooked up to his backyard lair – and his ex-wife have been ordered to pay millions.<br>Documents filed in the NSW ‘s Equity Division allege money that was transferred to Imaeda family companies after the fire, and his sale of property for $4.4million, be paid up.<br>An application in liquidation proceedings of Masaaki’s insolvent company Shinji, seeks orders of Masaaki and Mariko Imaeda paying respectively $2.07million and $2.41million.<br>Masaaki Imaeda first made news in July 2014 when his massive Alexandria industrial lot in inner Sydney that was rented as makeshift housing with caravans, a shipping containers and one shared portable toilet was engulfed by fire.<br>The mostly Japanese, Korean and New Zealand students who escaped with their lives from 20m high flames at 1.40am had paid $160 a week to live in deplorable conditions in four decrepit caravans, a pan-tech truck, a dingy office and a rundown bus.<br>Investigators found the massive blaze at the Burrows Road property likely started from an electrical fault. The Land & Environment Court later prosecuted and fined Imaeda $215,000, with $17,000 costs.<br> Pervert slumlord Masaaki Imaeda (above) is being sued for million years after his illegal shanty town burnt down and he was caught spying on his tenants having sex via a labyrinth of cables connected to his backyard lair<br> Masaaki Imaeda, now aged 72, set up a secret network of cameras and watched his tenants having sex from a recliner chair with a foot massager in a shed<br> Imaeda’s inner Sydney shanty town of squalid caravans, a bus and shipping container ignited at 1.40am with 20m flames almost killing young students who escaped only with firefighters’ help<br>Neighbours reported the multi-millionaire property developer owned several other properties around Sydney that were occupied by students and low-income workers.<br>In 2016, Daily Mail Australia revealed the Japanese property mogul was a pervert who had rigged up a secret camera network in one of his Sydney properties located in the southwestern suburb of Ingleburn to spy on tenants for his sexual pleasure.<br> The shantytown in Alexandria of shipping containers, an old bus and caravans <br>The shanty town in Alexandria contained shipping containers, 대만쉐어하우스 an old bus and carav<br>/p>In April 2016, police were called to the house by a young married couple tenants who found a hidden camera in the ceiling of their room while Imaeda was away in Japan on busine<br>/p>NSW police uncovered a labyrinth network of cables, hidden cameras, and mirrors which connected to a remote secret room where he viewed his tenants’ intimate momen<br>/p>The couple had answered one of Imaeda’s advertisements on the Japanese website, and agreed to pay $240 a week for the master bedroom in the six-bedroom hou<br>/p>Arriving from overseas, the Japanese woman and her husband deposited two weeks’ rent in one of Imaeda’s bank accounts, but five days later, the wife found a Japanese website with a warning about Imae<br>/p> Firefights fought 20m flames to rescue 13 young backpackers renting on the squalid site with the fire boss later saying  ‘Had the firefighters not realised they were there, they well could have lost their liv<br>/p> The young found a hole and a tiny camera in the ceiling of the room with, which the wall of mirrors, gave pervert Imaeda a direct view of their bed in the rented ho<br>/p> Astonished police found a camera in the ceiling and then uncovered a labyrinth network of cables, hidden cameras, and mirrors connected to a remote secret room where he viewed his tenants’ intimate mome<br>/p>The warning stated that Imaeda owned multiple Australian properties rented to Japanese students and had been installing hidden cameras in the bedrooms<br>/p>That evening, the husband checked the ceiling of their room and, near the light fitting, found a hole and a small camera<br>/p>Police examining the secret camera found it was attached to a cable through the roof, and 대만쉐어하우스 set up to face wardrobe mirrors which took up one whole wall, from the floor to the ceil<br>  RELATED ARTICLES

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      The view from the camera was of the entire master bedroom and in an adjoining bedroom, which had just been vacated by a young female student, officers found a camera inside a television on top of the wardrobe facing the bed in which the girl had <br>t.Police found numerous other cameras around the property and a dome camera inside the garage and outside the front<br>r. The shed in the back yard where Japanese property mogul Imaeda set up a leather recliner chair and foot massager to watch footage of his tenants having sex for his own a<br>al One of the decrepit caravans on the illegal site (left) which was a squalid shanty town and Masaaki Imaeda (right) at the site in the days following the fire which tore through the pr<br>ty A young female student had recently moved out of another bedroom in the house. In that bedroom, there was a camera hidden in a television and another disguised as a smoke<br>rmThe tenants told police that Imaeda had a small bedroom separate from the house and next to the g<br>e.Inside that room, police found a monitor and a hard drive which had numerous attached cables which ran through holes cut into the wall and the <br>r.Under the house, they found cables running through the floor up into the room recently vacated by the young woman, and a further hidden camera disguised as a smoke detector in the <br> .The cables ran through the wall from Imaeda’s bedroom and connected through the roof to the master bedroom occupied by the c<br>e.Police went to a converted shed at the rear of the property, which was used only by Imaeda, and inside found a large television set up with an Ethernet cable running to it from the house <br>m.A black leather recliner chair was set up facing the television with a foot massager sitting on a milk crate and nearby, clothes, a hairdryer and other personal <br>s. Laptops, 대만쉐어하우스 cameras, recording equipment, USB sticks and SD cards were also found in the shed, with Imaeda’s leather recliner and foot massager positioned opposite t<br>ig TV A network of cables and wires and an Ethernet connection linked  the bedrooms to Imaeda’s back yard shed where he was set up comfortably to view th<br>otagePolice found laptops, cameras, recording equipment, USB drives and SD cards and another hidden camera disguised as a smoke <br>ctor.Imaeda was arrested on his return from Japan, and charged with using an optical device without consent and observing a person in private without consent to obtain sexual<br>usal.He pleaded guilty and begged to be spared prison, but was sentenced to a maximum 17 months with a non-parole period of 1<br>nths.The NSW Supreme Court action over monies from the sale of the Alexandria shanty town relate to alleged transfer to three companies, Masaaki Enterprises, Shinji Family Trust and Moumoko<br> Ltd.The blaze which broke out in the illegal camp, which had no fire exits and no proper sanitation, was so intense that plastic on trucks parked across the lanewa<br>lted. Imaeda served a minimum ten months in prison and was released but is now being pursued in the NSW Supreme Court over millions allegedly owed after the sale of his sh<br> town There was a camera hidden in a television and a camera disguised as a smoke alarm in the wall of the room in which a young woman had only just moved<br> from About 75 firefighters on 15 trucks helped rescue the students, whose risky living conditions outraged then NSW Fire and Rescue Commissioner, Greg Mullin<br>span>’They were living in squalor. There were beds in old minibuses, a shipping container and an old caravan with a massive fire moving towards them,'<br>said.’The firefighters had to shield the people from the heat to get them to safety. They were too frightened to move. Had the firefighters not realised they were there, they well could have lost thei<br>ves.’The property was uninsured but Imaeda, who owned it through his family company Shinji Pty Ltd, sold it six months later to European Kitchen Appliances fo<br>.24m.The NSW Equity Court application claims proceeds of the funds derived from the Alexandria property’s sale held in trust for Shinji Pty Ltd, since in liquidation, and says transfers of large sums to Masaaki companies were ‘uncommercial trans<br>ons’. The sharehouse Imaeda rented out to young tenants who he spied on with secret cameras attached to an elaborate set of cables connected to his secret sex den in the <br> yard Pictured is a kitchen in the Alexandria shanty town that burnt down in 2014, sending 20m flams into the air and forcing the evacuation of 13 young people at 1.40am who just escaped with th<br>liv

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