Anti-abortion groups insist the Supreme Court.

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      Anti-abortion groups insist the Supreme Court ruling Monday striking down a Louisiana abortion law will only bolster their efforts to campaign for Donald Trump’s reelection.<br>A spokesperson for the pro-life advocacy group Susan B.
      Anthony List said: ‘This ruling adds a new level of fervor and enthusiasm for the election.'<br>’We always knew we needed a bigger margin on the court, and whoever wins this election will likely have the opportunity to appoint additional justices,’ the spokeswoman,

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      That ruling, too, rested largely on procedural grounds. Roberts, nominated by President George W. Bush, wrote for the court that the administration did not pursue the end of the program properly, writing that the government failed to provide a ‘reasoned explanation for its action.'<br>The abortion ruling was the first for the Court since the Republican Senate confirmed President Trump’s two conservative appointments: Justice Neil Gorsuch and Justice Brett Kavanaugh.<br>On the left, it was Kavanaugh who was coming fire for making his own statements about upholding precedent during his contentious confirmation, with additional heat on Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins, who is pro-choice and accepted his statements about upholding precent.

      Collins is up for reelection this year – in one of a number of races including the race for the White House where Monday’s ruling could be a factor.<br>onlne casino kindly check out the web site.

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